Tatec AB

The chainsaw had been running for quite a long time and it was time for a break. Jens Tagesson sat down on a stump, his hands were steaming and it was completely silent. He poured the coffee into his cup and suddenly he realized… The market are missing guide bars of really high quality. Guide bars in absolute top class that provide high logging and good functionality.

It was after that cold and sunny day in January, Tatec went from being a simple man’s idea to a customer-focused company in an exciting market. Since then, a lot has happened.

More than ten years later, Tatec is a company that drives development of environmentally friendly products for industries such as wood, metal, agricultural and forestry. The range includes everything from guide bars to lubricants and marking ink. The process involves a constant endeavor to provide the industries and their users with competitive products and services – for the right price.

Imagine what a cup of coffee and some fresh air can do.